Financial Management and Audit Management

Financial Management and Audit Management

LinTech supports multiple Federal agencies to use their large scale financial management applications like DEAMS, GFEBS, DAI ERP and N-ERP. 

LinTech Teams are supporting agencies by:

  • Performing budget formulation work involving review and preparation of budget estimates and financial plans. 

  • Assisting in the development of Program Objective Memorandum (POM) and budget justification materials.

  • Performing end to end budget execution and administration work involving the monitoring of obligations incurred and the actual expenditures of funds. 

  • Assisting financial management activities to track funds distribution, create and reconcile commitments/obligations and reallocate organizational funds. Providing advice, assistance, and guidance on budgeting and related information and conducting analyses, reviews, and special studies of budget and/or related information.   

  • Using budgetary and other automated system(s) and computer-generated products in accomplishing budgeting/funding assignments. 

  • Supporting compiling resource data from various financial management systems/reports. Assist in the planning and organizing of budget activities, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.   

  • Performing tasks in support of cost analyses for cost comparison/benefit studies and in developing lifecycle cost analyses of projects. Extracts, organizes, and performs statistical and quantitative analyses of program data to highlight trends, accomplishments, deficiencies, and other desired indicators. Assists in preparation of economic analyses of operating systems. 

  • Providing accounting operations support to reconcile Unmatched disbursements, Unmatched collections, review of Financial Statements and related foot notes for compliance with FASAB and DoD FMR requirements, tracking of invoices and payments as well as monitoring of reimbursable authority, IPAC and Unfilled customer order transaction and government purchase card activities.    

  • Support the Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) and Audit Sustainment by ensuring that all financial processes and related systems and the resultant financial data meet the OSD FIAR and GAO yellow book requirements. 

  • As part of deploying and sustaining DAI ERP our DAI Oracle R12 SMEs lead initiatives for agency stakeholders for financial models, cost models, POET structures, training curriculum, master data management and other large-scale agency initiatives.

  • Creating a robust audit compliance program complete with SOPs, audit model packages, audit reporting, automated taskers with workflow, corrective action plans, assessments of material weaknesses and creating over 50 internal controls.