Enterprise Applications Consulting

Enterprise Applications Consulting

Enterprise Applications have become fundamental to a company’s information systems. Not only do they standardize business processes, but they also simplify collaboration between companies, their customers, and their partners.

LinTech Global maintains partnerships with leading Enterprise Application vendors including Oracle and Infor. Our consulting experience and technical expertise along with these valuable partnerships allow us to develop cutting edge solutions that solve the most challenging requirements encountered by our customers today.

Our Enterprise Applications Consulting Solutions allow businesses to:

  • Reduce costs associated with custom software solutions by leveraging COTS applications.
  • Implement a cohesive approach to business processes and IT strategies.
  • Ensure customers, suppliers, and partners are on the same page and promote continuity.
  • Produce more reliable information and gain better insights into company performance.
  • Utilize a more organized method to managing assets.
  • Capitalize on customer centric growth strategies by implementing world-class CRM and CXM solutions.

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Our Enterprise Applications Partners: